Why Buying Research Papers Is Getting More Popular In The Past Decade

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Today’s world has proven to be overloaded with students who have the intent to do anything possible to be admitted by the best colleges and Universities worldwide. The growth of a diversified online market has been in the key front in ensuring any parent who has the best intentions of their child pursuing a certified degree, and being soaked in a prosperous career is at the fore front in this time and era. Online research paper generating sites have been able to provide assistance that are of crucial benefit to a student’s studies, and thus enabled even the incapable in achieving their dream grades. On the other hand it has become a routine in many institutions to try and catch these students and cheats.

Many reason succumb students in their studies, thus the reason for them to try out the easier way of obtaining research papers and term papers. Many students have confirmed that they do not have the know-how on how to tackle many assignments that they are given by their lecturers and tutors; leaving them with no option but to seek professional research paper writing service. Some of the students that have benefited from the online writing services have claimed that they just had to tweet “Can someone help me with my research paper”, and the response was enormous.

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In response, most responded with “Send it ASAP”. Meaning they were ready to submit on any topic provided. The students who seemed to help emphasized on their names to remain a secret for fear of their reputations being tarnished.

For some students, they tend to assume their classroom work and thus they pile up to the extent that they cannot be able tackle them all together at a specified time span. Majority of the students have emphasized that the work given by their tutors are too demanding, and the deadlines give are too short for one to execute them as required. Every subject studied is known to have its own assignment to be done and thus students find themselves not knowing which one to start with and the one to end with. A student was heard saying “My math tutor assign us with more assignment, and on the same day the English, Biology, History, Business and Geography tutors do the same”

It has become common knowledge among students that there are multiple computer programs that have been established to capture any form of plagiarism. These computer programs compare work delivered by students by a multiple work load done by other writers, which are found in the internet. As a result, for a student to be capable to find an original term paper it has been proven to be hectic and time consuming.

On the other hand, most student who prefer using the services of these online writing services are convinced that the ghostwriter do not cheat but do clean un-plagiarized work, written using their own minds with the aid of the internet.

When asked if they think using someone work without doing your own research is considered as plagiarism; many respond by saying, “that part is kind of a gray area”. They are neither convinced that they doing the right thing or a bad one; they on the edge of things.

Other students believe that majority of the students seek help on their work and thus they see no difference in that or buying research papers from research paper mills. Some of the kind of justification come up that many students seek help from their parents, guardians, friends or even siblings and thus by seeking online writing service it’s no difference.

Although Susan a student at Boston University does not support the idea of buying college research papers, she elaborates that does mind others doing it as it has become a way of survival for many students.

Students like Ben has two friends; one of them writes research papers and sells them while the other one buys them with the pretense that he has an overload of classroom work and thus needs assistance. The buyer insists that he gets more than five papers at ago and thus needs the assistance of the writer to aid in doing two or three, and then he tackles the remaining ones.

How to fight contract cheating

According to Ashley Finley, a senior adviser to the President in matters concerning the Association of American Colleges and Universities, universities are at the edge of a breakdown on matters concerning contract cheating. She is mostly concerned about this matter because at first it started as a side hustle that was no major threat, but at the moment it has grown to becoming a global industry. She adds that it has become difficult to establish the number of students that have used online writing services but emphasizes that more than 16% of students have used these internet databases, and unfortunately the number is rising.

Finley elaborates that these research paper mills have come up with attractive advertisement videos that seem to be more appealing to students. She gives examples of these videos as; “Get instant help with your assignment”. They go further to show that everybody is doing it by emphasizing with messages like; “Join the majority, don’t lag behind.”


Finley’s message and worry is also felt by Tricia Bertram Gallant, a director of the Academic Integrity Office at the University of California in San Diego and a Board Member of the International Center for Academic Integrity.

Research paper providing companies have gone further to entice students during their spring holiday by posting flyers at public toilets especially around beaches for students to spot them. It has also been noted that most of these companies pose as college help centers that are readily available to help students on their assignments and term papers in case they are facing some difficulties. They go to extent of paying social media moderators to praise their services and act like testimonials of work well done.

The praises are so decisive that once a student comes across them they are convinced that they should go this extra way, and buy their research papers. Example of this praises are; “I could not imagine myself scoring a 90 on my assignments but after hiring this writer all was possible.” Another one says; “Why struggle while you have enough time to party.” Bertram Gallant emphasizes that these seductions are too much, that they brain wash student to the extent that they cannot see them and skip without clicking on them.

On the contrary, YouTube has been in the forefront of fighting these research paper mills, and it has been able to capture thousands of videos that go against their terms and conditions. Although YouTube has been strict, unauthorized videos always come up emphasizing that with some warning that it is only a guide and not a final guide.

Besides, being on the internet and readily available, most research paper mills have been avoiding interviews from NPR. After long persuasion, EssayMojo agreed to present a writer who could explain the roles that she plays in this messy issue about contract cheating. The writer explained that her role is more so similar to that played by little birdie that helps someone in their studies. The writer by the name of April Short, who previously worked as a grade teacher in Australia, elaborated that she relocated to Philadelphia to become a writer and aid to struggling students.

She goes further to portray the fact that many student need guidance in foundational research, which is rarely taught. She explained her role as a person who provides guidance to students, and she it gives her nightmares when she discovers that a student turned her paper into theirs without consultation. She believes that students are overloaded with school work in manner that they cannot afford sometime of their own to travel and go for internships. She adds that, by doing some of research papers she is able to relieve students some of their burdens.

In addition she emphasized the fact that she is proud of the students who seeks online writing skills because they are driven by the fact that they want their assignment excellently done. It is through these skillful writers that one is able to attain a desired grade that would make the student pursue their career choice.

On the contrary to Short’s kind of reasoning, Dan Ariely, a professor of psychology and behavioral economics at Duke University, thinks that a human mind tries to rationalize on all bad things that they do. Ariely is more concern with the justification that is given by these research paper mills and the student seeking them.

He elaborates that the matter at hand is not about “a few bad apples,” but of “a lot blemished apples.” He explains that, many people have gone astray as a result of seeking the ways of the social world and justifying what is done with the majority to be right without looking at the logic part of their actions.

Furthermore, some countries have taken a step forward, and imposed laws that illegalize research paper mills. It has been confirmed that more than a dozen States in the U.S have been able to impose laws against online writing service providers. Although these laws have been put on the book some countries like Pakistan, Kenya and Ukraine have shown the difficult process that are required in order to prosecute research paper mills, and they have termed the process to be intricate.

Cath Ellis, an associate dean and integrity officer at the University of New South Wales, explains the point about prosecuting student for buying college research papers as complicated because as educational institution they ought to let the students learn from their mistakes. She adds the fact that it is better for the institution to punish the student rather than them being taken to police custodies or law courts.

Using advanced technology

Educational institutions have taken technology as their main way to curb contract cheating. They have considered to be a step ahead in promoting advanced technology that are able to detect plagiarism. Institutions have been able to seek assistance from a company such the one involved in making Turnitin plagiarism detection software to observe on their students study progress. Such a company has proved to be technologically a step forward, and has been able to come up with a new program; — Authorship Investigate that is the new plagiarism detector.

The programs work through inspecting a written document’s metadata, and highlights when it was created and the person who created it. It goes further to review the number of times that the document has been opened or edited. According to Turnitin’s vice president, the program can be simply described as a database that looks on the name of the document, because it is a common routine for students to use the same name that was used by research paper mills. It has also been diversified to be able to use linguistic forensics that inspect, and evaluate on the mode of writing and the intensity of the style used. Every writer has a unique way of using their words and it is easy to capture two jobs written by one research paper miller.

It is like taking upon on a person’s fingerprint that is unique and everybody has his/hers. The program takes upon on how a writer punctuates his/her research paper; the way he/she uses commas, or semicolons, and how the author double spaces. Through this, the program has been able to clearly point out if the student wrote the paper or not and it acts really quickly.

An example of an institution that has been able to use this program is Coventry University in the U.K. and it has proved that the software works wonders in capturing cheating students. However, the administrators of these institutions have a worry on their heads, because at long last word will get through to the students that the administrations have advanced tools to detect cheats.

It has been concluded though that the best thing that should be done by institution is to discourage students against buying college research papers, reason being that most of them lack quality and they are fully plagiarized. It is not possible for institutions to fight a tag of war with students because they will be provided with new ways to cheat, like; wearing Google glasses that can send exams to a receiver and get the answers back in seconds. Conclusively, it has been seen that the best way is to create a culture where integrity and ethics are valued.